Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dan Cody

Dan Cody appears in the novel for a short time, and it mentions how he played a large roll in how Jay Gatsby's life and future will play out.

James Gatz was a janitor at St. Olaf’s in Minnesota, which he did to pay his tuition to attend the school. This didn't last long because he was embarrassed of the humiliating janitor work, and dropped out only after two weeks. He went off to Lake Superior and fished for salmon to earn his keep. One day, an event that would change James Gatz life, he saw this yacht, and rowed out to warn the man who owned it, Dan Cody, a very wealthy man who made his fortunes from mining for silver, that a storm was soon to come. Cody was very grateful for this, and took James Gatz under his wing, and hired him to be an assistant. James Gatz saw a taste of luxury. He knew this is what he wanted in his life, and soon changed his name to Jay Gatsby.

Gatsby was very inspired by Dan Cody, and Dan Cody thought Gatsby to be smart and ambitious, and Gatsby had a lot of his trust. Cody was a pretty heaver drinker, requiring Gatsby having to watch over him while he was on a drunken binge. This inspired Gatsby to never really get involved with alcohol, accept for a few drinks here and there after he saw what it did to a person. Gatsby watching over Cody drunk also showed many trust and respect points. After not too long, Cody was taken out of Gatby's life when
Ella Kaye stepped aboard Cody's yacht one night, and Dan Cody "inhospitably died." Cody left Gatsby $25,000, but Cody’s mistress prevented Gatsby from obtaining this inheritance.

Cody left a big impact on Gatsby's life, and Gatsby dedicated himself to becoming a wealthy, successful man like Cody. Gatsby has a portrait of Dan Cody hanging in his bedroom. Who knows how Gatsby would have ended up without theI influence of Cody in his life. I believe that Cody completely shaped Gatsby into being the man he came out to be.

Sources: The Great Gatsby


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