Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Film Versions of The Great Gatsby

There are four different film versions of The Great Gatsby. The first filmed version of The Great Gatsby was a silent film, released in 1926 and made by the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation and Paramount Pictures. The run time of the film was 80 minutes long and was based on the stage play The Great Gatsby, adapted by the original novel. No copies of this movie are still in existence.

The Second film version of The Great Gatsby was released in 1949 and was made by Paramount Pictures. This black and white colored film was a bit longer than the first one film, and this one runs in at about 91 minutes.The third version of the film, this time a colored film, was released in 1974, and was distributed by Paramount Pictures and Newdon Productions. This version is longer than the first two films and clocks in at 144 min. This Film won two Acadamy Awards for best costume design and best music.

The fourth version film on The Great Gatsby was released in 2000, as a television film, made by the A&E Cable Network. This version isn't much different from the rest of The Great Gatsby film versions, but by reviews, is said to be the best representation of The Great Gatsby yet. Though this is the last version of the novel filmed so far, it is rumored that there may be another version of it in the future, boy i hope there isn't, four versions of the film is enough, five is just ridiculous.



  1. there's another one from 2013 by woody allen

  2. Independently I fully agree with the critics that the 2000 version, with a radiant Mira Sorvino as Daisy, is the best.

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